How Police Took Over NASS, Tear-Gassed Lawmakers Under GEJ – Vanguard News, 2014

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What happened today in National Assembly is totally wrong and also a shame on our democracy. It’s not the “change” the ruling party promised us not to even talk about the collapsing economy. But the main reason why i opened this thread is to debunk the lies of Hon. Goodhead Boma and expose the Hypocrisy of experience Goodluck Jonathan.

Hon Goodhead Boma ealier today said such thing never happened when GEJ was the president.

But from what happened in 2014 we can see that the Honourable blatantly and shameless lied. NASS was brutally invaded when GEJ was the president. The complex was tear-gassed and the whole environment was filled with cannisters of tear-gas. Members were rough-handled and denied entry until they started climbing the gate to force themselves inside. The whole place was disorganized and people were running helter-skelter for safety. The shameful act happened in 2014 and I’m surprised how an Honorable would obviously lie publicly just to vindicate his party and GEJ, but trust we nigerians, we don’t forget things easily.

Not along ago, GEJ in his usual displayed a high level of hypocrisy but releasing a controversial post on his facebook page in order to portray himself as Angel Gabriel and also give his not-right thinking followers reasons to praise him and see him as their matryed messiah.
But his hypocrisy has also been exposed. Thesame GEJ displayed his dictatorial arm by sending the armed forces to lay siege on the National Assembly, Tear-gassed the fourth citizen of the nation, blocked the opposition from entering the complex thereby allowing the ruling party inside in order to impeach Tambuwal that recently decamped to APC. Tambuwal could be seen holding his breath with handkerchief due to the unbearable smoke that saturated the atmosphere.
I think our leaders must stop their hypocrisy of playing on our intelligence as if if we’ve been configured to just forget things like a dummy. It is well. I rest my case here.


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